Xeccon Mars 30 Smart Braking System and Rear Light

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Xeccon Mars 30 Smart Braking System and Rear Light

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With the innovative functions and features of smart brake indicating system, smart off system and smart day riding mode, the Mars 30 is the smartest taillight which make your riding, no matter day or night, fashionable and safe.

Smart Brake Indicating System (SBIS): Regardless of the mode being ridden in, SBIS will be activated once you brake, and this Mars 30 will turn to an ultra bright mode to alert others behind you.

Smart OFF System: Light will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.
Smart Day Riding Mode: During the day, this is a great mode to ride in, as it wouldn’t turn on when riding, only once you brake, the SBIS will work like under other modes. This wouldn’t disturb others when riding, but will keep you safe once you brake.

● LED: High Intensity Red LED Light
● Max Output: 30 Lumens
● Run Time: 3-13 hours
● Mode: Steady-Flash-Day Riding Mode
● OFF Mode (Hold 2 seconds)
● Micro USB Rechargeable
● Material: ABS+Plastic
● Battery: 300mAh Internal Rechargeable Battery
● Charging Time: 3.5 hours
● Waterproof Level: Water Resistant
● Weight (w/ Battery): 32g
● Dimensions: 57(L) x 28(W) x 24(H)mm

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