Speedplay Ultra Light Action Pedals – Chrome-moly

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If your New Year’s resolutions include getting more serious about cycling, then you’re no doubt sizing up clipless pedal systems. Speedplay’s Ultra Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedals with Walkable Cleats may be the most user-friendly pedals on the market, so we can’t recommend them enough when considering the switch from platforms or toe cages to clipless. All of Speedplay’s pedals feature virtually unlimited options of float, fore/aft, lateral, and rotational customization, and the Ultra Lights are no exception. They’re real selling point, though, is that they provide an easy foothold to climb into the world of clipless pedals.

We remember our first few rides on clipless pedals, and we agree that trying to clip in after pushing off at a stoplight in traffic can be an intimidating affair. The Ultra Light Action Pedals’ low-force engagement mechanism and self-locating cleats address these first-use jitters by guiding the cleats into the pedals and clipping in and detaching with minimal effort. That means no missing the pedal while focusing on the road ahead and no slow-motion toppling because you can’t clip out at stop lights. Despite their user-friendly engagement, the Ultra Light Action Pedals are every bit as secure as Speedplay’s standard line when you’re not intentionally trying to clip out.

The included Walkable Cleats are one final benefit for anyone from clipless veterans to cyclists clipping in for the first time. The cleats address the all-too-common issue of slipping on hard floor surfaces by replacing the standard, slick cleats with the reliable grip of its rubberized housing. The high-grip housing doesn’t interfere with clipping in and out, and it has the added benefit of protecting the cleats themselves during those inevitable times when you’ve forgotten to replenish your saddle bag supplies and a flat forces a hike on tarmac to the nearest LBS for tubes or CO2.

  • User-friendly clipless pedals with effortless engagement
  • Virtually unlimited float, fore/aft, rotational adjustments
  • Low-force engagement and self-locating cleats simplify clipless
  • Reliable steel construction is durable for long miles
  • Low-profile construction keeps you clear on tight corners
  • Walkable cleats make coffee shop stops a breeze
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