SCHWALBE Tire Pro ONE 28 | 700 x 28C ADDIX Race EVO LiteSkin V-Guard TLE

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SCHWALBE tire Pro ONE 28 | 700 x 28C ADDIX Race EVO LiteSkin V-Guard TLE

Schwalbe new high-end Tubeless Easy racing bike tire. The completely redeveloped Pro One combines ease, speed and control at the highest level. The best racing bike tire that Schwalbe ever developed. With the latest Souplesse Carcass construction, which integrates the Tubeless Easy technology in the most advanced way, the Pro One is the benchmark for tubeless racing bike tires. No other tire gives the driver as much control and safety as Pro One. The driving experience resembles the smooth behavior of a classic tubular tire. And he’s quick. The integrated Tubeless Easy technology and the new ADDIX Race Compound are an unbeatable combination for maximum speed. The Pro One remains controllable at all times – on the fastest pass descents, in extreme inclines, under all conditions. In addition to the high protection factor of the TLE technology, the high-tech V-Guard fabric protects against cuts and punctures.

SOUPLESSE Carcass construction
The turn-up construction integrates the Tubeless Easy technology in a most advanced way
Way. This makes the tire so incomparably supple and comfortable. The driving experience resembles the silky smooth behavior of a classic tubular tire.

Completely new recipe. Addix Race is a multi-compound made from the latest and highest quality polymers in tested quality. Since the fill levels for silica were significantly increased, the mixing process also had to be refined. In the center and
Different special mixtures are used on the sides. This increases grip in corners without having a negative impact on rolling resistance or longevity.

The Evolution tires are the top models in the Schwalbe . Extremely fast, very light with good mileage make these tires the first choice for all ambitious athletes! Schwalbe only uses the best available materials for its top products in order to meet all the requirements placed on a tire!

TLE – Tubeless Easy
TLE tires are specially designed for tubeless use without a tube and thus offer by far the best performance. No confusion: All Pro One racing bike tires are clearly identified by additional labels as “TLE” or “TUBE ONLY” tires.

V-GUARD puncture protection insert
The insert is made from a specially developed high-tech polymer fiber that is also used for bullet-proof and stab-proof vests. It provides excellent protection against cuts and stitches and is extremely light. Neither rolling resistance nor
The suppleness of the tire is influenced by V-Guard. The 14 mm wide insert protects the entire running surface and thus ensures an extremely high level of puncture resistance. The 3-layer side wall also reliably protects against cuts.

Facts / features

– Creating Souplesse carcass
– 13% lower rolling resistance
– 22% more cornering grip
– increased puncture protection
– optimized aerodynamics
– longer mileage
– Width matched to modern 19C rims

Note: Due to the optimized tire construction for modern rims, the dimensions of the new Schwalbe Pro One can be larger when mounted on conventional narrow rims!

Technical specifications:

Tire type: folding tire (clincher)
intended use : racing bike, triathlon, time trial
Size (inches): 28 | 700 x 28C
Size (ETRTO): 28 – 622
Version: V-Guard, EvolutionLine, TL Easy
Rubber compound: ADDIX Race Multi Compound
Carcass: 127 EPI
tubeless capable: yes
Compatibility e-bike: no
Profile: HS 493
Recommended air pressure: 4.0 to 6.5 bar (55 – 95 PSI)
Recommended rim width: matched to modern 19C rims
Maximum load: 70 kg
Color: Black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 270g
Weight weighed: 266g


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