Kickr 1 & 2 142X12 Mountain Bike Adapter

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(Compatible with KICKR 1 & 2 Trainers)

The KICKR 142X12 MOUNTAIN BIKE ADAPTER kit comes with everything you need to mount most 12x142mm through axle mountain bikes on your KICKR.

Watch This Video On How To Install The KICKR 142X12

Note: The KICKR is not compatible with the through axle itself; instead, we use this adapter kit to secure the bike in place. Please watch the installation video before attempting to install yourself. This is for 12x142mm bikes only. Not compatible with 12×135, 12×150, or any other through axle system. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What you get in the box when pruchasing the KICKR 142X12 MOUNTAIN BIKE ADAPTER.

  • Threaded Axle Spacer
  • Hub Width Adapter
  • Conical Axle Adapter
  • Flat Axle Adapter
  • XL Quick Release Skewer
  • Extended Quick Release Nut
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