Adonit Note Stylus

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Note down sparks of brilliance wherever you go.

Perfect for 2018 iPad / iPad Pro and newer models.

Rest your palm comfortably on the screen while you write. Adonit Note supports palm rejection, so you don’t have to worry about leaving stray lines.

With pixel-perfect precision, you can write or draw pictures as small as ants. The Adonit Note is ultra-responsive and feels natural to use.

Adonit Note uses a Micro USB for charging. You can charge while you write! A 4-minute quick charge provides 1-hour of battery life. A full charge provides 12 straight hours.

The Adonit Note works with an extensive variety of Apps, or you can make notes directly onto PDF files. Allow your Note to help you remember the little things.

No need to connect to Bluetooth! Simply hit the “on” button on your device and write away. It’s that simple!

Tap on your iPad to activate the Notes App. Taking notes of your ideas and creations makes work easier.

The Adonit Note uses a spiral tip that can be replaced easily.

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